Venetian Volunteers

Venetian Volunteers

The Charlevoix Venetian Festival would be nothing if not for its Volunteers.
From the Tiki Tent to selling Artist Merchandise to running Back Stage,
the Festival would be nothing with you.

If you have ever wanted to see what the Venetian Festival looks like behind the scenes, we would love to have you as a volunteer.  We have several opportunities available if you, your sports team, club, or National Honor’s Society.  Not only will you have the opportunity to interact with some of the artist and their bands (depending on the opportunity), you will also have the opportunity to grab some Venetian swag, maybe even get a picture or two in a meet and greet with the bands.

Tiki Tent

We have several opportunities with the Tiki Tent that include setting up, tearing down, and serving drinks the evenings the Tiki Tent is open.  Set up and tear down can be done by individuals of any age.  Participating in the Tent the evenings it is open is available only to individuals who are 21 and over.

On Monday, July 23rd the Tiki Tent is set up.  The fun and excitement happens when that tent goes up, letting everyone who drives through Charlevoix know that Venetian is 100% underway!

• Set up takes an hour or two in east Park beginning at 10 am.
• Requirements: moving of tables, lightweight fencing, lightweight chairs.
• Looking for: 5-6 people

Sunday, July 29th begins the Tiki Tent tear down at 10 am in East Park.  Tear down will take an hour or two.

• Requirements: moving of tables, lightweight fencing, lightweight chairs.
• Looking for: 5-6 people

The Tiki Tent is open from 6 pm – 11 pm Wednesday – Friday, July 25th – 27th; 6 pm – 12 am on Saturday, July 28th.

• Requirements: serving alcohol, support staff to Kim & Kent
• Age Requirement: 21 years of age+
• Minimum 5 people needed each evening

Equipment Load-Ins

Loading in Artist Equipment is a wonderful way to see the behind the scenes process of how the stage is set and gives you the opportunity to work with the band managers and possibly the band members themselves.  In volunteering for this position, you will literally be “setting the stage” for the rest of the evening and relieving the stress of the band.

• Requirements: loading in equipment 50 pounds and higher
• 6-8 volunteers needed
• Load-Ins begin when the band arrives (usually between the hours of 11 am & 1 pm) and can take up to 2 hours.

Equipment Load-Outs

Tearing down the stage and loading out the artist equipment is an exciting and pumped-up time as the energy from the show is still resonating on stage.  Load-outs are as quick and easy as load-ins, taking an hour or less to complete.  Your help loading out gives the artists the opportunity to sign autographs and meet the crowd.  Don’t worry!  You can get in the meet & greet line as soon as load-outs are complete!

• Requirements: loading out equipment 50 pounds and higher
• 6-8 volunteers needed
• Load-Outs begin as soon as the final band is off the stage (around 10 pm).

Artist Merchandise Tables

Selling artist merchandise has been said to be one of the greatest volunteer positions of the Venetian Festival.  Not only do you become the face of the band, but you get great seats without having to fight the crowd.  You also get to interact with people all over the world, and even get to meet the band when they come up after the concert to sign autographs.  Some artists will give free merchandise and take pictures for your willingness to help them out.  Note that this volunteer position is not selling merchandise at the Venetian Merchandise booth.  This is for the performing artists only.  To volunteer for the Venetian Merchandise booth, please contact Anne Golski at:

Merchandise booths are open from 5 pm – 11 pm, Wednesday, July 25th – Saturday, July 28th.

• Requirements: be able to take instruction, count money, work under pressure
• Age Requirements: 18 years of age+
• 3-4 volunteers needed from 5 pm – 11 pm (can be done in 3 hour shifts)

Private Party Set Up & Tear Down

We are looking for 10-12 people who would be willing to help us set up and tear down tables and chairs for a private Venetian party that takes place on Celebration Saturday, July 28th.  Set up begins at 5 pm, tear down begins at dusk.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, or having your group volunteer at the 2018 Charlevoix Venetian Festival, fill out this form and we will be in contact soon!